May 28, 2008

Gigantic Buddha crushes Portland!

Rose or Wrestler

20 Actual names of rose varieties that would make really terrible names for professional wrestlers, mixed with 12 actual names of pro-wrestlers.

1. Cocoa Samoa
2. Blushing Knockout
3. Badnews Brown
4. Outta the Blue
5. Weeman
6. “leaping” Larry Crane
7. Just Joey
8. Sexy Rexy
9. Sensational Sherri
10. Fabulous Moolah
11. Golden Showers
12. Wild Dancer
13. Peter Frankenfield
14. Social Climber
15. Europeana
16. The Spoiler
17. The Generous Gardener
18. Toulous-lautrec
19. Gift of life
20. Lord Alfred Hayes
21. Dinty parks
22. Misterio de Muerte
23. Captain Thomas
24. Texas Outlaw #1
25. Carefree wonder
26. Berries n’ Cream
27. Class Act
28. Moose Cholak
29. Lucky Pierce
30. Kiss n’ tell
31. Sentimental Schoolgirl
32. The Scufflin Hillbilly

( The Answer Key - #’s . . . 1,3,6,10,16,20,21,22,24,28 and 32 are actual names of actual pro-wrestlers.)


Let's get this blog moving again !I haven't written a thing all year! Thus alienating the two readers this blog has ever had. But I vow to start posting again because I love the collage like ability a blog has to mix in different media . . .

May 26, 2008

Top Secret New Project

I am collaborating with a friend on a top secret new project. I can't post any details except that I am doing the writing and he is doing the art work. It is shaping up to look pretty cool ! Here is the first piece.