Dec 19, 2007

Obama in the lead !

Cool, I have been rooting for Barack Obama for the presidency for months, and in today's news he is finally pulling ahead with a 3 point lead over Hillary Clinton, in the Iowa Caucus. Woohoo ! Go Obama. This guy is the only candidate who was against the Iraq war right from the start. You have to admire that.

Here is the press clip -

ES MOINES, Iowa (Reuters) - Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee surged into narrow leads in Iowa in a poll released on Sunday, barely a month before the state holds the first contest in a shifting 2008 presidential race.

The poll by the Des Moines Register, the state's largest newspaper, showed Obama with a three-point edge over national front-runner Hillary Clinton in Iowa, 28 percent to 25 percent, and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards third at 23 percent.

Aaaand end quote.

Dec 16, 2007


Next time you're at Powell's check out issue 2 of Cloudrag - I got a short but sweet piece in there called " The Life and Times of Billy Berman."